Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2 days

Wellity wellity wellity... it seems as though there are only two measly days left before I start what is apparently the greatest experience of upper level education: Spring Break. I really don't understand how working at The 'Vee and hanging out with Amy, Brandon, and Jamie (also in alphabetical order;) is going to change my life in any way. (No offense guys) Granted, I will not be traveling to Cancun or Tijuana, but practicing my lower lip off for this blasted Ferling recital. BTW - everyone who will be in the Brookings area on Thursday, March 16th is welcome to come to an absolutely FREE concert at fabulous Peterson Recital Hall in the prestigious Lincoln Music Center housed on the beautiful South Dakota State University campus. A night of fun will be in store for everybody with all forty-eight of FERLING'S FAMOVS STVDIES for oboe and saxophone being performed in their entirety - in order! Yeah... Anyway, I'm really more excited for Jazz band, I officially have a better mouthpiece now - a Berg Larsen 110 hard rubber. So my jazz setup is as follows: Selmer Paris (R) Series III Tenor Saxophone with... Berg Larsen 110 hard rubber mouthpiece and either LaVoz med. soft or Vandoren Java 2 reeds. Delecious. Wailing out anything from Chuck Mangione's "Feels so Good," to Gordon Goodwin's "Whodunnit?" (from their new unreleased album, "Phat Pack") never felt so good (oops... heh). That's what's shakin' in the music world of Mr. Jack Thoreson and things are only looking up.
So if I don't see anyone during spring break: be safe, have fun, and don't be afraid to gimme a call if you are stricken with boredom.


Brandon said...

Yeah.. right.. we aren't going to Mexico. You keep telling your parents that.

Jamie said...

i'll drive.

Ashley said...

Give the big 'Vee a big hug and kiss for me! (Not!) I won't be coming home for break so... Obviously I won't be working. Enjoy your break!