Monday, January 30, 2006

Vadala Onion...

The first two weeks of spring semester have been going very well. First, I got to start four exciting new classes: Composition I, Wellness, Sociology, and Jazz Band (I was actually serious about Jazz Band). Comp is going to be ok... I was worried at first but the teacher seems to be pretty laid back. I don't know what to think of wellness yet, except for what I've heard, which is... it sucks. Sociology is going to be pretty interesting. Jazz band is going to freaking rock. I didn't realize how much I missed playing in a Jazz Band. After six years of it, and then not having it for only a semester really made me miss sitting in a five piece sax section. I'm on lead tenor which leaves bari as the only sax or part I've never played in a Jazz setting... besides the soprano, which doesn't really count anyway. I am still playing bari in concert band too, which is going ok. I do have a few new vices to admit folding to with the turn of the new semester: 1) I have a newfound love for Fluegelhorn great Chuck Mangione. I can't stop listening to "Feels So Good", and it doesn't help that we're playing it in Jazz Band. 2) I may begin playing on a metal mouthpiece... ok, nobody really cares I know... 3) Finally, I have regained my love for Total Raisin Bran. I will end this post with a few quaint words of advice: Do not eat Hot Tamales Fire. They suck.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day Two...

Started Jazz II today... Good Stuff. Despite being handed a slightly leaky Selmer USA (R) tenor with a dingy stock mouthpiece, things looked promising. We warmed up with some scales and good old "C Jam Blues." We then played a tune called "Moten Swing." Then Dr. C handed us what was probably Chuck Mangione's most famous tune - "Feels so Good", a tasty rock samba 70's jazz tune. Tomorrow brings the infamous studio forum and hopefully a Selmer Series III (which I was promised) to "play some mean jazz on." Concert Band went okay with a new tune handed out, bari sax. gets old kind of easily though when the music isn't challenging. All in all, a good day. With this post, I leave everyone with a website to visit... here

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Classes start, Taylor is an entertainer, and Hansen sucks...

Today was the official start of "spring" semester classes and tons o' fun ensued. First, Sociology is hopefully going to be a hoot... even if it is in Rotunda D. Dr. Mendelsohn seems like the kind of guy who could have mentored under the great Mr. Pope of Roosevelt High School legends, he is bitingly sarcastic and witty, yet realistic. Delicious. Music theory started off not with a bang, but more like the sound of a major 7th chord against a whiny girl signing about how much she loves her man. As some of the early comers entered the classroom, Dr. Taylor's class was just leaving and one of my classmates asked if he was going to teach the class (jokingly). Taylor proceeded to attach a smirk to his face and amble over the the first row of desks, he then bent over slightly and looked each of us in the eye then muttered - almost under his breath, "I'm an entertainer". Deadly laughter ensued for about a minute. After a light lunch of Triscuits (R) and granola bars, I made the trek to Hansen to hall for my Composition I class. Needless to say I underestimated travel time and was a few minutes late. The class went quickly and looks to be an utter joy. To end on a fun note (ha - music pun) I talked to Dr. Crawley today and discovered that I made Jazz II on lead Tenor Sax. and start tomorrow. Good Stuff. Now, I leave you with a quote which made my day, "You know, you can't have somebody rapping about, 'kill the pigs and screw the world,' when you've got a maj. 7 chord in the background." - Mr. Jim Coull 1-18-06

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday's Gone

Classes will officially start tomorrow after over a month of downtime. I will begin the spring semester of my freshman year of college with a little bit of music theory and then go to composition. All in all, a day chock full o' book larnin' is in store for good old me. I still haven't heard about the jazz band results, but hopefully I'll find out tomorrow and get underway with that. I'll finish this week, go home and work this weekend and maybe see some friends who used to work CSV at the 'Vee with me. Also, for those who give a rip, my toe was healing nicely until it split open again on January 11th. More stitches were installed and will be removed on January 27th. Fun times.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Back in the Saddle...

So, to my and everyone else's expectations, I have not updated in exactly one month. In that month, I have been away from many things: Brookings, The Internet, SDSU, and Tiny Nelson. Hy-Vee has been consuming the majority of my time while not attending SDSU; however KOTOR has also been sucking up lots o' minutes as well. With that in mind, I would like to leave everyone with a few words of advice... SAVE YOUR DAMN RECEIPTS!!!