Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hangin' In A Jury... Good Times.

Today I had my first jury. As a music major, we are required to do these "juries" where you go in front of your instructor and a few members of the music dept. faculty and play a prepared piece or two and some other little things (scales etc.) and the faculty members comment on you. Overall, I would have to say that I did ok... considering I didn't show up when I was supposed to (stupid attack). I know I could have prepared a little better and so on... but overall, I'm glad that it's over with until next semester. Now I just have a jazz band audition. I'm actually a little more worried about this than I was for my jury. Mainly because for the audition material I get handed Charlie Parker's exact transcription of Confirmation.... Jazzers know what I'm talking about. I’ve been listening to that and fingering along to the music... I'm also half way done with all of my finals and not feeling too bad, I only have Speech, Music Theory, and Biology left. After that, I'm officially done with my first semester of college, and officially lots of money in debt. Hooray.


Amy Cook said...

yay for jack and his jury!

adam said...

JACK!!!!! whats up man?! This is Adam From Chicago. I had my jury too but i had mine last friday. Right now i am in the library studying for a church and doctrine final that is going to be a killet, but its my last one. Cant wait to hang out with all of yall and just chill. I'll be on the road tomorrow night and will be home late wed or early thursday. Take it easy and one more thing............. I LOVE YOU haha

Ashley said...

I tag you! Check my blog and see what I mean! www.loveisamelody.blogspot.com