Monday, December 12, 2005

Toe story

Ok... To all of those who didn't hear, I cut my toe - bad. I was sleeping yesterday morning when I kicked the fluorescent light above my bed and thought I stubbed my 4th toe on my left foot. I managed to get over the pain in a matter of seconds and tried to resume my sleep. After about two or three minutes, I noticed that my foot was wet. What happened in the proceeding minutes was a bloody (literally, not the English slang) mess. I jumped off of my lofted bed and tracked lots-o-blood on the carpet and tile. After wiping a lot of blood off of my foot, I realized that I should wash some of this off. I went into the bathroom with a Target brand tissue wrapped around my toe and inspected the wound... It was at this point that I decided stitches were in order. I woke up my roommate:
"Sean... Sean..."
"huh? yeah?"
"I need you to bring me to the hospital."
"I cut my foot and I think I need stitches."
looks at the floor – sees all of the blood..."Oh. Yeah. We better go. Oh my God."

Three stitches later and I'm good as new. For those curious, I cut my foot on the end of the light - where the aluminum is sharp... I didn't break a bulb.



Amy Cook said...

poor jack! if your toe hurts too much, i'll gladly give you a piggy back ride!

Sersk said...

Hey Jack, I hope your toe feels better!!! Hope finals go okay!